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Product & services pricing 7.50/10
Chance of future purchase: 2.50/10
Shipping & packaging: 0.00/10
Customer service: 0.00/10
Return/Replacement policy: 0.00/10
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Youll never get your tickets from Working Advantage.

"I will never again use Working Advantage to get tickets. In October of last year I bought tickets to a hockey game, with over 2 months advance notice to the game. The day of the game, I still didnt have the tickets and I had to wait on hold for 2 HOURS to talk to "customer service" and they told me somehow the tickets just didnt go through and they would send them to me. The I bought tickets for to see Beyonce with over 6 months advance notice and never got the tickets. I called "customer service" a week before the concert and they told me that I can have up until 24 hours before the show to receive my tickets. When I didnt get those, I called again and this time they told me that it could be up to 1 hour before the show. On the drive to the show, I still didnt have the tickets, so I called again and they told me I might need to wait until the start time of the show to get the tickets, which would have me miss all of the opening acts! By the time I got the tickets, it was 1 hour 50 minutes after the start of the show!!! I had to buy new tickets through TicketMaster, in the parking lot on my phone, just to go. And now a week after the show, Im STILL waiting for my reimbursement from Working Advantage. Im not even sure if its worth calling again because it will be another 2 HOUR wait on hold, just for someone in "customer service" to lie to me. "

Helpful Cool


No answers available.

"I purchased tickets the money was withdrawn from my account, it is now 9 days later I called the day after money was withdrawn and asked about my tickets. I was informed I would be contacted in 72 hours which has cane and gone. I called again and was informed to wait another 72 hours. I was basically told I would just have to wait cause they don't have and answer or resolution to my problem. I will not be dupped by this organization again. Buyers beware. "

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Don't buy anything from them

"Purchased tickets to an NHL hockey event one month in advance and they did not give me the tickets right away. I called them and they let me know that they will send the tickets 24 to 48 hours from the start of the event. When I finally received the tickets, they were tickets for a minor league hockey game. I called them and they told me that there was a "mapping error" with the venue and that my tickets were cancelled and are not valid. They did promise to refund me 150% of what I paid, but it wasn't about the money. This was basically fraud. They sold me tickets to another game and tried to explain that they are just a third party vendor and that their purchaser is the one who made the error. I let them know I will not be using them in the future. If you're thinking of purchasing anything through them, don't do it. Don't do it."

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Working disadvantage!

"They charged me more for Disney tix than on the Disney website (should have checked there first) and would not offer any service when I complained about it. They rip off the working individual, no benefit whatsoever. "

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Horrible customer service

"Their server gave me an error when I was buying tickets (that cost almost $1000 total) and when I refreshed it it gave me that same error only to find that it was actually processed twice now the company is holding my money for the 2nd order and I've called 5 times in a 24hr period and all they're telling me it could take two weeks to get an answer is I'm going to even get a refund for the second order. Their managers are rude and when I asked to speak to their managers they refused to give me that information. They're robbing me of almost a grand because their system gave me an error!!!"

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"Just had the worst experience. I called in the morning and was told one thing and in the afternoon called back to purchase more and I was told something different when I explained this to them the woman called me a liar and was told me that I had never called in the morning and never spoke to anyone. I had my mother sitting next to me in the morning and the afternoon and we were dumbfounded by the rude staff and customer service! So instead I will purchase my additional tickets somewhere else instead of giving them the business!"

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"It's incredibly annoying how Working Advantage nickels and dimes you to death. Shipping charges (even though tickets are typically sent First Class Mail at $0.49), processing charges, and the latest (added to e tickets delivered electronically) a "tax recovery charge". All of these charges are roughly $2 to $3 dollars and are questionably justifiable. These "profit centers" just add to the cost of each ticket, reducing your ultimate savings."

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"Similar situation as the guy who posted the hockey ticket review. Working Advantage is basically legally scalping tickets. I bought tix to see Book of Mormom for $249 each. When the tix arrived four months later, they face value was $165. I got the same BS about this being a "high demand event". Well, I could still today, before the show, find lots of tix out there for my date and future dates at less than what Working Advantage charged me. I have left a voicemail with a manager (unreturned) and sent and email (not responded.) I really was naive enough to think Working Advantage, endorsed by my employer, was getting me deals."

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"this outfit is nothing more then legal scalping. Bought tickets for a hockey game and paid Approx $180. Received the tickets 4 weeks later and face value was $68. Called them and they said it was a high demand game.went on line and many tickets still available the day of the game. they use the High demand event as a way to overcharge the consumer. I will never deal with this outfit again and my next step is the attorney general complaint

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