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Product & services pricing 8.44/10
Chance of future purchase: 7.81/10
Shipping & packaging: 7.81/10
Customer service: 6.25/10
Return/Replacement policy: 6.43/10
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Terrible customer service.

"I ordered 4.4 lbs of Israeli sunflower seeds. They were terrible. I called to find out about returning them. I was not given ma refund but a store credit. I called to order something just to get my credit. They wound up not initially applying the credit but charging me the full amount of the new order. I wasted 30 minutes on the phone with them before it got straightened out. This is the worst service I have had in years. "

Helpful Cool


Horrible Canadian experience

"I have ordered several items in total of $1200 on May 25th. Right now it's June 7th and nothing was shipped yet. Their excuse is they don't have two items out of the 10 items I have ordered, but they did have it when I ordered. They refuse to ship partially because I'm in Canada, punishing me for an error that was theirs to begin with.

I'll never do business with them again.


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Honest review of products

"I was a little nervous about ordering from them because I wasnt sure of the size of the products. I already knew the prices were good. I was so surprised when I opened the box and found big bags of the stuff I ordered. I ordered the butternut peanuts, caramel puffs and the chili bits. All were big bags.

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"I'm starting to think all the negative reviews are wackos I have bin ordering from a long time never one issue period I'm starting to be live these reviews are from competitor's.......anyone that has really ordered or ordered if they have birds knows is the place to go"

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Either fraud or completely mismanaged

"I recieved an email on May 17, 2018 from, telling me that my order will be shipped soon, amounting to $1234.00, consisting of products that I have never even heard of. I immediately called them and had it cancelled. The important thing that all need to be aware of is that I had ordered dates with them previously that were shipped to the Hotel where I was to be on May 1, 2018 (since I am working overseas and was back home for a meeting). The current email with the order details still states "Guest arriving May 1." There are other reviews below that have discussed issues with shipping as well. So either they are very poorly managed or fraud, not sure. The dates that were recieved were definitely not the quality advertised and when I had called them they attributed it to "Natural variation". I am sorry I stumbled upon this website."

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30 day delivery

"Ordered cashews and nuts on April 6th. Miscommunication on emails and delivery address. First two orders were sent to wrong address. Third order was received on May 5th . Cashews are stale . Peanuts have strange chemical aftertaste . Hoody's peanuts are by far superior. Will not purchase again."

Helpful Cool


Cacao powder is cocoa powder

"I am a raw vegan food eater. I eat only raw (uncooked) foods. They are the only foods I want to buy. Therefore, I need to trust my suppliers.

The "organic cacao powder" that is sold on does not have dark color of other cacao powders that are available at stores. The color of the "organic cacao powder" sold on is a light brown color, like cocoa powder which is a cooked food that has lost its enzymes.

The powdered forms of the cacao bean are 1) cacao powder and 2) cocoa powder, which are similar but not the same. Cacao powder is made by cold-pressing un-roasted cacao beans. The cold-pressing process does not destroy any of the bean’s enzymes and nutrients. However, cocoa powder is made by roasting (cooking) the cacao beans.

I filled out a request to and asked them to check with their supplier to verify this. As usual, the request came to nothing, and I never heard back any answer.


Helpful Cool


Wondering if the negative reviewers are fake or just nuts

"I've been buying from for years and never ever had an order issue or mistake. I recommended them to my parents who are regular buyer- never an issue there either. How can you blame them for the shipping company messing up? Or for an item selling out? I have contacted Customer Service several times when I placed an order, and then realized that I forgot to add something. Every time I have contacted them, it has been flawless. Usually, my order ships within an hour. I can't rate this company high enough. The quality of every product I have ever received, from nuts, to honey, to peanut butter to cereal, to dry goods, popcorn, flours, etc. has been top notch. "

Helpful Cool


BIG supporter of small business!

"I moved from the east coast to the southwest 2 years ago and left behind so many of my favorite foodthings in the process. I never expected living so close to Texas that I'd never find boiled peanuts again.. Boiled peanuts are a serious comfort food for me that bring back so many amazing memories, so after 2 years, my fiance and I couldn't take waiting anymore!

I decided to try out making my own with raw peanuts, and the cheapest route to raw peanuts seemed to be Every other place tried to charge me over $100 in shipping.. No thanks! My order with was under $20 total and I received a TON for what I paid for compared to what I would have gotten from the online competitors. And it only took about a week to arrive. Not bad at all if you're used to online shopping!

The best part is, the nuts were the perfect texture to make my recipe work!!! They've single-handedly cured me of my homesickness. It means more than they could ever know to bring this nostalgic smell and flavor back into my life. The best part is, while I was still riding out my boiled peanut high after 2 years of deprivation, I received an adorably sweet email from Jeff that made sure I'd be more than a one-time customer! :) Support small businesses, they do it right!

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Extremely Disappointed

"I work for a Neuro Hospital and was excited when I found the brain gummies. I took the lead on the campaign and ordered the product to taste it and put in the campaign for staff. It's been over 2 weeks and the product still hast arrived. I called to inquire where the product was since the tracking and shipping alert emails told me when I could expect the delivery.
I was told that no shipping label was created so they would resend a new one....That's it? Is this what constitutes as customer service. So if I didn't call I'd never hear from them, no offer to reimburse me the shipping cost or upgrade the size of my order or EVEN expedite the new order " I should get there in a week" ???!! I am extremely disappointed and now I I have to start the process over and outsource another vendor.

Helpful Cool


Horrible Customer Service re : not getting what you paid for!

"I have been a customer of this company for several years. I the beginning their product and customer services Great. but the last couple years I cannot say that.
I mostly order coffee . I usually asked for expresso grind and got it in the last few years I asked for Turkish grind because my tastes changed.
Both times I received a 5 pound bag of what anyone would call regular grind. I was very disappointed and even wrote the company a letter in NJ enclosing a sample of the grind so they could verify what I was speaking about. I made it attention to Customer Service and I NEVER GOT A REPLY. ! pretty classless. ( I realize the Millennials don't do 'thank you' notes nor 'reply' to peoples letters, other than some stupid generic letter usually totally unrelated to the issue ! ? Probably because they don't read cursive!)
Yesterday I opened a bag of a a different type of coffee that I ordered in a 1 pound bag again ordered Turkish blend ... NOPE it was Regular Grind!!! I called and got some poor girl that said she was sorry about 30 times but offered no recourse other than bring it to someones attention . I told her that this was the 3rd time even after writing the company. She said that maybe they could speak to the Companies grinding company I told her I wanted my money refunded and we shall see!

Helpful Cool


bad product customer service ****

"ordered cherry granola 25 lb and jumbo flame raisins granola is rolled oats and few small pices of fruit and a few stale almonds . customer service **** origin of product misleading "

Helpful Cool


great tasting nuts.

"My husband is a diabetic so we try to keep him eating the right things to keep his meds down. Since we have tried nuts, all the different kinds he likes, he only has to take one med now. The nuts even help me, I have low sugar and the nuts help us both. They are just the best ever too! Nice large nuts with a great taste no matter which ones you get. And they have such a selection, when I go to the store there are a few but sometimes they don't even have what they usually carry. With I get what I want when I want it at a good price. Have made orders for almost a year now and will never change where I get our nuts from again!"

Helpful Cool


Great price and quality

"Ordered 25 lb organic black sesame seeds and it arrived on time by FedEx. However it weights 6 oz. short. We use digital scale to split order with friend. Call the customer service and immedately ship us 1 lb of seeds next day. I don't understand the bad reviews. Highly recommended."

Helpful Cool


If i could give a negative i would

"I have ordered from this company several times i order food for my pet so i calculate when he will be out because usually its here early or on time. This time however tracking showed it would be here thurs so i go to the post office only to see it was there and got sent to anothet city then state i called and got oh well sorry but now it will be another week. If i could walk into walmart and buy these things i wouldnt be ordering i explained i need my order asap well we can look into it if its not there by monday we will send a replacement so tues its still not there what are they gonna do? Give me my 5 shipping in expirable store credit and they dont know just keep looking and calling to see when it will be there. So today they send a replacement order five minutes later they cancel it and put an expiration on my 5 store credit. 100% satisfaction guarenteed or we will do whatever to fix it my foot ignorant rude customer service staff that have no knowledge of anything. Go to they r cheaper anyway "

Helpful Cool

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